About us

At the end of my career as a dancer, my passion for dance led me to become a ballet teacher and open a school where I would be able to implement my knowledge. I taught for 12 years. During this time I also opened a small dance shop where I discovered how interested I was in pointe shoes. Having studied anatomy during my formation, I started studying the feet, and its various pathologies in detail. This helped me to understand how to fit pointe shoes according to the characteristics of each foot and each person, and finding the way to create a very precise fitting method. The results have been excellent. Today we feel proud that dancers from around the world count on us and visit our shop in Barcelona looking for advice on their pointe shoes. This has led us to become a reference point in the world of dance in Spain.

Besides being specialists in pointe shoes by having an extensive range of brands, models, widths and shank strenghths, we also offer all sorts of items for dance as leotards, warmers, shoes and accessories. We are constantly searching for new products to offer as well as to keep you informed of the innovations and improvements of the different products.

Since our beginnings, our priority has been to give you the best customer service. In our team we count on people who have dedicated a great part of their lives to dance, and who have been formed in company management. We are backed by 14 years of experience and our desire to serve you has shown our professionalism at work during all these years. A personalized service is where we stand out, giving you the facility to contact us by phone or email for any item you are looking for.

This desire to excel and do well, has made us earn the trust of our customers, and as well as this gives us great satisfaction, it also motivates us to continue working with the same enthusiasm as ever.

We hope to serve you soon, and one day be able to be part of your dance!


Elisabeth Puigdelloses


Klass Dance General Manager