Gaynor Minden

THE SHOES OF THE NEW GENERATION. Created by the dancer Eliza Minden.

Yes, revolutionary. Yes, created by a dancer. A dancer who got tired of having sore feet de and decided to do something about it!

These are the secrets of Gaynor Minden

Pointe shoe subjected to scientific studies.

Comfortable, because they come lined and padded to avoid those painful blisters and black nails that only you know how they hurt. Forget your bulky toe pads you're not going to need them anymore.

Silent, with high technology foam used in the finest athletic shoes that absorbs impact during jumps, and offer cushioning to avoid injuries and making you ethereal on stage.

Durable, they last longer because they don't brake. They are unbreakable and non-deformable as they are created with "elastomeric" elements, not with paper and glue as traditional shoes. More stability by achieving a perfect alignment of the foot and distribution of weight on the toes, the base will not soften or deform. It will not allow you to sickle in or twist your foot outwards. Your balances much longer and easier!

These are some comments on Gaynor Minden:


“I get on stage ready to fully enjoy the movement and the moment.

Gillian Murphy- principal American Ballet Theatre.

“Ballet has always been hard, but Gaynor Minden makes it easier.

Erica Cornejo – principal Boston Ballet.


Elisabeth Puigdelloses (Gaynor Minder expert fitter)

Klass Dance Barcelona General Manager



Remember that Gaynor Minden has also innovated the way of fitting pointe shoes. Each foot is different, so we must try on and check carefully the right model for you.

In Klass Dance we are specialists on fitting Gaynor Minden. Call us and arrange a fitting appointment.

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